How is the Programme paced?

When you access the programme using your login, you will be able to see the main page of the programme (the “Dashboard”). This is where you can access the modules of the programme, as well as checking the “Meetings” panel, which will guide you through the pacing of the course as you learn. The course consists of two main parts, as outlined below.

Self-paced learning. The learning is paced individually, and can broadly be carried out at a time to fit your schedule. The course includes four modules (M).

  • Module 1 (M1): Understanding Assessment
  • Module 2 (M2): Designing Assessment
  • Module 3 (M3): Analysing Assessment
  • Module 4 (M4): Leading Assessment

These four modules consist of shorter lessons (L). 

The recommended pace included one module per half term, which means approximately two lessons a week. This pace is also matched to the meeting activities, and the prerequisite lessons for each meeting can be viewed on the programme dashboard in the meetings panel. Below, you can see the pacing on a termly basis for these two elements of the course.

Term 1:Modules 1 & 2

Term 2:Modules 3 & 4

Term 3:Departmental CPD delivery (underlying pillars of assessment & collaborative assessment design) and implementing the “department” section of the Evidence-based School Assessment System (EBSAS) outlined in Module 4.