I've read about "Meetings" in the course. What are these, why are they there, and how do they work?

In designing ALP, we stripped back the evidence on good teacher CPD, but also on learning more generally. We found that collaboration and peer support were key features of effective CPD, when done well; the meetings are our mechanism to help achieve this - and this is also the reason why we insist on at least two colleagues per school joining the programme.

The meetings are a regular time, agreed by you and your Assessment Lead colleague(s) in school prior to the course, when you can discuss and reflect on your learning, and then begin applying that learning to school-specific situations. We guide the content of these meetings according to your progress through the course content, and have devised a series of questions and activities to guide your discussions.

On the day of the meeting, a button will appear on the dashboard, which allows you to open a panel containing these questions.

There is space allotted for you there, in order to note down key ideas or important outcomes from the discussion; these will be collated and made available on the Dashboard for future reference.

The intention is that only one Assessment Lead in school needs to take these notes – they will be saved for all colleagues registered with the same school. Once all the activities in the meeting have been completed, one of your school’s Assessment Leads should click the “complete” button to move on.