What’s the Programme structure?

The programme is structured over three terms:

Term 1

In term one you work through the four modules and lessons to learn the underlying theories of great assessment and how to use them to design, analyse and implement assessment more effectively. Learn how to design assessments for different purposes, and how to use the information you generate effectively as part of curriculum planning and pedagogy.

Term 2

Term two is about getting practical and learning from experience. During the term you will apply your knowledge and test what you’ve learned by working with colleagues to put things into practice. You will develop and refine questions and classroom assessments using the tools provided to improve the quality of information generated by your assessment practice.

Term 3

With the knowledge, experience, confidence and examples you have developed, we guide you to work with others to lead the development and improvement of assessment within the department or phase and across school. Our collaborative framework guides you in using your expertise and resources to enable others to make better use of their time by assessing purposefully.